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Up to 75% of potential sales are lost due to
a poor landing page experience.

Landing Page Design & Optimization

Your landing pages are some of the most important pages on your website. First impressions are critical, especially online, so you need your landing page to simultaneously meet customer expectations, sell your product or service, and communicate trustworthiness and credibility.

JZ Marketing know the ingredients to a high converting landing page. To ensure our clients get the best results possible from their hard earned traffic, we split test and optimize different landing page designs until we find the one that delivers exceptional results.

Brands That Trust JZ Marketing

Custom SEO-friendly Websites

We build custom website layouts that are specifically designed for your business. No two sites are ever the same, we build and optimize your website to perfectly suit the needs of your audience.

Our conversion focused team of web developers and designers are committed to creating a wide range of features and layouts for your site. This allows us to test how different elements on your site will affect your conversion rate and find the most profitable layout for your business and target market.

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Mobile Responsiveness

Currently, more than 58% of American adults own a smartphone and almost 60% of all website traffic is from mobile devices. In fact, there are currently more mobile devices on earth then their are people. And every month mobile usage continues to grow, so every month more and more prospects and customers will view your website from a mobile device. If their experience viewing and interacting with your site is poor, they’ll likely have a lower option of your brand, and they’ll also be more likely to visit a competitor’s site.

Responsive development is Google’s recommended approach for mobile web design. Per Google, responsive websites will perform better in search rankings because they provide a better user experience than sites that are not mobile friendly. Additionally, Google likes that responsive sites use single URLs versus different URLs for separate mobile versions of websites.

Furthermore, mobile phones now have a seperate Google search algorithm as well, so just because your site ranks high via a desktop search doesn’t mean it will continue to rank well for individuals for perform the same search via their phone.

What Makes JZ Marketing Different?

We never leave your landing pages on autopilot.

Websites That Deliver

At JZ Marketing, we design websites and landing pages like a tester, not a designer. While we’ve got a great team of on-site designers and developers, we recognize that form should serve a function.

We design our websites and pages to convert. To make sure you are getting the most from your landing pages and website, we measure the performance of each new design. The designs that perform well, we keep. Everything else, we throw it in the trash can.

Beautiful websites are nice. Beautiful websites that convert are better.

Not Just Your Average Design Agency

At JZ Marketing, we spend a lot of time driving traffic to websites, so we know how much work it is to get people to your landing page. That’s why we put so much effort into designing your landing pages for the optimal conversion rate.

The higher your conversion rate, the more money you make. Your bottom line is our top goal, so we continually work to set your landing pages up for success.

To find out how our design and testing expertise can help you get the most out of your landing pages, contact us today!

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